The least amount on the barest essentials.

I go to the supermarket
I spend the least amount on the barest essentials.
I hate the check out counter
A small degree of liberty is lost there
Having to queue with who knows who
Like a row of perforations.
Then down the walkway
Passed the dog tied up to a shopping trolley
And the man collecting money for charity.

I restock my shelves
With the barest of the minimalist of essentials;
Things you might need in an emergency.
Eating for pleasure was not part of my education
We ate to be nourished and to stay alive.
I continued in this wartime-influenced gastronomy
As super food, foreign food, healthy food
Over shadow food and gourmet food
Overshadow the basics that I survive on.

It’s a psychological war on the population
Instead of improvement; ornamentation
Instead of cheaper pricing; more packaging
Instead of honest choice; sales market planning campaigns.

So when I go to the supermarket
I hurry round I buy the minimalist of essentials
I exchange greeting with the checkout girl
And hurry out into the foreign market
Where stall holder’s heap up turnips and cabbages
Second rate cleaning powders and biscuits
And run home away from this consumer madness.

Look, I have the basic essentials in the kitchen cupboard
Since all the corner shops closed down
I don’t want to buy anything else.

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