Epping Forest

This is not a poem
but a picture that I see
of our trip to find a forest
but there was sign to see
but I did see a chaffinch
singing in the tree.

trip to see epping forest
Arriving in epping

This is a road map
with the northern track
that continued into distant green
across the expanding green.
each road we tried in turn
returned us to our dream.

pencil drawing
A trip to find Epping Forest

And this is a picture of you
adamant to tell
was it at the bottom of Bower Hill
where the horizon fell.
While I ask a stranger
Walking through a door
where is Epping forest
but he wasn’t all that sure.
We climbed up Station Hill
Searching for the town
Finding a little bakery shop
Where we settled down

trip to see epping forest
asking for directions

You conversed with two old ladies
waiting for a bus
they had passed it recently
in a kind of rush.
Behind where you were sitting
a mirror on a wall
catching my reflection
in the shadow growing tall.
You slouching in your chair
you engaged in conversation
we’re looking for Epping Forest?”
we came here via Epping station.

In the Cafe
A trip to find Epping Forest


Published by blackbird212012

I wish to develop as an artist songwriter.

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