The Child likes to go Scouting

The child likes to go scouting for the wagon train that appears on television and he runs through the barley field on a pale horse terrified of the grim reaper who stands at the foot of an oak tree as the child plays in it’s branches.

scout 1

The child likes to trudge through the snow that covers him up to his knees as he sits at his desk in school as the bombardment of Israel begins and fills the classroom with white lights as the headmaster straps his hands. Then the child rolls through the math’s class inside the shoe of a nightmare.

scout 2

The child likes to explore the Lane where man has hardly walked before. He finds a playground where no child has ever played. The roundabouts are slow in the wind. The swings chain imprisons outlaws as bullies are buried in a grassy tomb on the edge of the land as the world ends.

scout 4

The child discovers a girlfriend who smells of butter and sunlight. He looses her in the mouth of a joke that opens a world he can’t see in where St. Mathew walks on an abyss taking pocket money for a Mars Bar.

The child is drawn to a football game played by the big boys for life. He scores a goal in the teacher’s mouth and is chased down the street by a big dog as the Black Hand gang wait by the garages he follows the whistle of a ghost train that draws a stick along the iron fence as he walks over the dead crows in Bird Cage Walk.

The child has discovered a Sunday school where he can only have one eye. He becomes a hurricane of games as the night puts a hood on his head and he dreams of a terrifying dragon that spits cement into his mouth and locks him up in a council house.


The child likes to scare his mother by leaping out from a cupboard as she returns home from her work painting. She paints Robins for Christmas Cakes, and she keeps them in a big drawer, it’s too big and too high up to open, while Job talks to Jeremiah in the night sky, his mouth fills up with vinegar.

The child doesn’t know he has grown, he finds himself in a Youth Club, where Motown lights fall on the dance floor, in his clothes that shrink tightly around him and blisters on his feet from the shoes that are always too small for him. The world opens its mouth like a fish and he sees Jonah in its belly.

Author: blackbird212012

I am interested in multimedia work: songwriting, art, and creative writing. I have been involved also in theatre and music performances.

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