Nursery Rhyme: There’s a Green Teddy Bear

There’s a Green Teddy Bear

Please see a PDF of melody line

There’s a green teddy bear
Sitting jaded in the chair
He bows his head and cries
From his big goldfish eyes

There’s a green teddy bear
In the rocking chair
He wants to go somewhere
But no one seems to care

Can you see him sitting there?
He’s the green teddy bear
He’s going nowhere
Because no one seems to care

Please take him from the chair
The green teddy bear
Let him know you care
Take him somewhere

But if you don’t like green
And alone he’s left to dream
You know he dreams of you
That’s all he wants to do
(Because he wants to be with you)

He’s a green teddy bear
Who sits jaded in the chair
Alone he’s sitting there
He’s not going anywhere, anywhere

There’s a green teddy bear
Alone in the chair
He dreams of you fair
As he languishes there

There’s a green teddy bear
He needs you to care
He’s not going nowhere
He’s a green teddy bear

You say a green teddy bear’s not for you
You say a green teddy bear’s the wrong colour hue
And any way you dislike the colour green
But do you really know this means?

Dec 95

I knew a Teddy Bear fanatic. But she didn’t like the colour green. So I put the two together.

The Actor Always Wears Black

The actor always wears black,
For moving in and for talking in.
For during the theatre ritual
He may be sacrificed for his sin.

He follows the coffin in….
But who has died, who is within.
The funeral is all in the mind,
The corpse wore invisible skin.

The theatrical ritual of the priest.
The altar of the sacrifice.
The plot calls for a saviour from the east,
For a sacrificial victim.

Actors always wear black!
Black for death, but who has died?
No-one is missing from the cast,
The bookings are good, the play may last.

The stage is covered in black!
Black for death, but who dies,
In every nightly sacrifice,
In every nightly ritual.

The theatre is dark, has someone died?
They never came to their seat.
Time came in to see the play,
He chewed the audience in his teeth.

The theatre will never be free,
Ensnared to the supernatural,
Dipped in the watery sea
Of nightly theatrical baptism.

So the audience came to see
First night and initiation,
But the tragic heroine of purity
Is sacrificed by the patron.

The actor always wears black!
Black for death, but who has died?
The private life of their lives
Is published by the tabloid.

The rebirth takes place each show
Of comedy, drama and conflict.
The actor always wears black
In case death has him on his list.

13th June 1995

I did a part time course in theatre and stagecraft. An unmissable and recommended experience. Theatrical customs were a fascinating world to discover.

Published by blackbird212012

I wish to develop as an artist songwriter.

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