The First Time We Met (Break-Up)

Thinking about the first time we met when I was –
Thin kinga bout the fir sttim ewe emet when I was
Thin kings out the fir sitting ewe emit hen I as
Thin kings sitting in the fir emit ewe wenas
Thin kings sit on the ewe as when remit

leaving the hall on my bicycle and you were –
lea ving heha llon mybic cycle andy ou were
lea vingt heh allon myopic cy eland ouwer
myopic eland you were ha alone vingt lea
you were myopic eland alone he ha in tea

on your way home too and you made a –
ony ou way h ometan dy ouma dea
only you wait on do ma de
you wait only on a mod
onily you wait on a mod

a joke about riding on my crossbar –
ajo kab outtri ingot my cro
kebab try out ingot micro
try out kebab micro ingot
kebab trout micro ingot

I smiled nervously and replied –
I mile vous lyander lied
one mile lysander you lied
you lied lysander one mile
one lied you lysdander mile

that you were welcome too and then we parted ways –
hat we rewel comet hen days
hat we jewel comet hen days
hat way comet jewel hen we
we jewel hen comet hat way

Thinking about the last time I saw you.
You called round to use the phone.
You placed an ad in The Loot for housework
Giving my address.

Author: blackbird212012

I am interested in multimedia work: songwriting, art, and creative writing. I have been involved also in theatre and music performances.

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