One Bright Red Rose

When I heard of what you did, I knew you were true
But I wondered if you knew it too
But I expected this day to come my way
But the reality is over awing
I’ve been standing so still, like a calm pool
That no wind could move or wear away
Just like rock knows the next year
So the dream will see it.

The post box lifts up its skirts
and takes off down the road with my letter
running to catch the plane at the airport
to deliver the letter over the Irish sea
take the letter personally to your door.
No strikes or wars or earthquakes
can stop it, you’ll have my letter soon
I can be positive, I can be assured.

My cold white feet look like the damp white snow
As darkness drifts into the sky.
The windows yawn open in the whistling wind
the travelling alarm clock looks tired.
I’ve just crawled out of my empty pocket
Into the circus ring of my mind
I can hardly decide what road to take
As if love was still a crossroad sign.

I’ve been in oblivion for 14 days
Will your remember me at all?
I’ve had no money for 14 days
I’m thin from not eating enough.
I promised myself that I’d love you
Everyday that I knew to exist
But I took the road into limbo
And my watch fell decaying from my wrist.

Now the mysterious road to you my love
Is plagued with mental disease and doubt.
I sit claustrophobic in my hotel room
Not daring to spend money or go out.
But I think of you and my heart feels blue
But my imagination plays magic tricks
By putting doorways into the empty sky
Endless corridors where my decisions drift.

I’m trapped and strapped in a timeless vacuum
That I never shook from my mind.
Parting from you is so heartlessly cruel
When people demand I should account for the time.
If distances were paved with gold
I could afford the train to your home every time.
If numbers always came consequently
It’d be no puzzle to dial your telephone line.

I’ll just submerge into depression
Let those bells ring aloud in my dream
And wake up in the jaws of dilemma again
Count my money and walk the streets.
Maybe if the snowfall ends
And I can change out of these dirty clothes
I’ll visit you to see if you remember me
Bringing you one bright red rose.


Author: blackbird212012

I am interested in multimedia work: songwriting, art, and creative writing. I have been involved also in theatre and music performances.

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