Painting: The Two Brothers


I was about ten years old when my brother was born in 1961. I was glad to have a brother of course but the difference in years meant we never really got to talk to each other much. Here in this picture I have the expression of tiredness shyness, and happiness as I was given my baby brother to hold for the first time. We went on to have completely different lives.


Author: blackbird212012

I am interested in multimedia work: songwriting, art, and creative writing. I have been involved also in theatre and music performances.

7 thoughts on “Painting: The Two Brothers”

  1. Thank you Hettie, I really appreciate your comment. I think I really needed a brother to talk to and so its been a lifelong sadness for me. I recently tracked him down in Cornwall with his new wife. But he seems to think of me differently than I do him. We need our family I think even if we don’t admit it.


    1. If you ask me, I think we need somebody who feels like family. I do not believe in age differences in any circumstances. If we invested in our relationships with our children (and I did), they are our friends regardless of age. My second husband is 13 years older than me (I am twp years younger, than your brother). And even if you say that it metters for children more than for adults, my older son is six years older than my twins, and when they were born, he had an expression on his face pretty similar to what I see on this portrait :). By the time the twins were seven, I’d say they were friends (or not :)) regardless of age difference. And now my daughter definitely acts as big sister towards her older brother.

      I an not on good term with quite a bit of my relatives, and I do not regret it. But I have a lot of close friends who are like a family for me, like my friend Lena, whom I visited last weekend. FIve years ago she stepped in whe I was ruched to the hostpital for an emergency surgrey, and I do not kow what I would do without her. And a year and a half ago, with my next surgery she came from Michigan to help me. So, I made my point:)


  2. The age difference was more other peoples term than mine, “Oh its because of their age difference they’d say”, so I started saying it as well as a way of simplifying more complicated reasons. It can take a long time to understand the threads of our own lives, the causes, the narratives and the backgrounds. I was quite alone for my first ten years of life, because of neglect, rejection and bad eyesight every day was a struggle. I doubt that my brother understood what life for me was like before he was born. This impacted on me in so many ways in later life. I am the kind of person who wants many friends but can only cope with one at a time.


    1. I think I understand. Maybe. I just wanted to say, that we are in charge of changing our lives if we want. If we want. I was not always the person I am today.


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