Richmond Hill

Let’s go to Epping Forest
Or Richmond I suggested.
Then, in the blink of an eye
You had planned the day –
We went to Richmond Park.

From the station to Richmond Square
You ran in your excitement
To show me your old haunts
Where your many sorrows
Have silvered Richmond’s’ beauty.

I followed you down the lane
Along the quiet and silken river
In the silver winter air
Where a Medusan stray cat colony
Lived in bushes around a bridge.

We climbed Richmond Hill
Beneath, the bending river course
Sprang eastward to London twilight
A silver lava, melting in mist and trees –
Into the forge of eternity

Through the lonesome park gates
You ran uncaringly
Somehow free of your cares
Up the steep wintry hill
Until I objected to your games.

Then you hopped
-With two big happy eyes
Across the rain soaked rabbit warrens
As a song drifted into your mind –
“‘Bright eyes” you sang to yourself –

Bright eyes glowed in the Lebanese Cedars.
Then as if by magic two green parakeets
Squawking, soared above the cypresses

From the hotel restaurant window
I sat watching squirrels play
In the vaporous gauze of evening
A breath of Eden draped with half-light
The mysterious shadows of sylvan trees

And a new girl friend sitting there with me.
Back on top of Richmond Hill
We watched the rim of the sunset,
Like a red hot penny dipped into a forge,
Drown in the orbit of the earth.

As if it was meant for you alone to see
I wondered if the angels had demonstrated their glory
There with you on Richmond Hill.

As you enjoyed its beauty, I thought
Of the time and distance from where we sat
When Richmond Hill – in summer
Would be the other side of that awesome star,

And I wondered about the both of us then
And about where we would be.

Jan 9th 98

Author: blackbird212012

I am interested in multimedia work: songwriting, art, and creative writing. I have been involved also in theatre and music performances.

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