Feral Child

Feral child in the dark tangle of the moon gashed night
Surviving in the blood redness of the claw moon
Roots, paws, tooth, claws, alive yet dead, survived yet destroyed
From the dungeon of her soul, tears dilute the sticky dew

Feral child in the dread darkness of spinning dreams
Half man, half beast pursuers in the sinews of the night
Her heart of crushed stone and blood lie in the wolf’s lair
A cry of human fire and tears sears the sorry air

Wild feral child, blind as a bull, bright as a blinding sun
Whose cup is full of pricking thorns and poisoned water
What Barabbas abandoned you to the wild broody bitch
Can somewhere a father speak for you in his secret heart
Once I was like the wild feral child
Wild like the moonlight in the wilderness wind
Thoughts as dark as the deep black rock
Life like strangled streams over rapids
Unguided moments when love was unknown to me
Unguided moments when life beat me
Wild feral child death has stalked you in the night
The white eye of knowledge has made you afraid
The white spot in the blanket of darkness
Has seared your heart like a laser

You ran through the trees, the roof of the forest screamed
The tears of dead bodies bit your feet like cat’s teeth
The clash of fear and sorrow stifled your throat
For a friend in the jaw of a predator

Wild feral child eternity is in your heart
But thorns rip your tongue that never speaks
Like wolves at a carcass your speech is torn
Speech that cries for life in the jaws of death

At night when you return to your den
When every breeze is like a mother’s hand
The evening sun’s desire gives birth to fever
You see the sky through the canopy and feel lost

Author: blackbird212012

I am interested in multimedia work: songwriting, art, and creative writing. I have been involved also in theatre and music performances.

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