Dolphin Boy

Dolphin boy-
walks up an elevator,
bites the sun,
sleeps in a tea chest.

In my dolphin boyhood I loved-
a rifle buried in the sea,
the saw teeth of sharks,

to bite the white exhaust of jets,
to pull them from the sky
through the wedding ring of the watery deep.

Dolphin boy-
his mouth cemented in,
ear lobes big as skyscrapers
hears the sound of atomic explosions.

In my dolphin boyhood-
dolphin girls lived in coral hotels
learning Morse code and glass blowing
going for long walks in hurricanes.

Dolphin boy-
dived into oil tankers with love cries
as sharks swam in filling stations
where raindrops cascaded in refrigerators.

In my dolphin boyhood
I visited the house on the edge of the world
where the skeletons of drowned sailors
played classical pianos.


Green dolphin boy
Scream dolphin boy
Swim ship to shore.
Green dolphin boy
Dream dolphin boy
Dream, dream no more.

Upon a rock in Antioch
The mermaid at the door
There rode three knights
Who flew three kites
With this tale of dolphin law.

Green, green dolphin boy,
Orphan green and desert dry.
Locked up in the Barking Road
With the mis-identified sky so blue,
He blindly thought must be the sea so true.

The sirens wailed into the night.
The news report – “sky disappeared”.
Who stole the sky and why?
The S.W.A.T. machine joined the team
Of aviators searching high and low
In bowels of earth for rebirth –
The kidnapped sky, made young ladies cry,
“Daddy where’s the sky”? they sigh.

On Barking Road they saw a glow
Of morning light in the night:
Could this be the setting free?
Of kidnapped sky from dolphin boy?

Green, green dolphin boy.
Scream, scream dolphin boy.
Because of mistaken identity
You mistook the sky for the sea.

“Let it go, leave it be”,
Hailed the ugly chief of police.
Open the door, we’ll pass you a straw
Through which the sky can be released.

Okay, you’re on, but just one thing,
I want a ransom paid to me.
I’ll exchange the sky, the blue, blue sky,
For the sea, the blue, blue sea.

So through the straw the ocean poured,
The Atlantic, the Pacific,
The Indian, it was terrific.
The sky it was displaced by the sea,
Along the road, the Barking Road.

Everything was drowned by the
Exchange of hostages, sky for sea.
The water rose over Canary Wharf,
And dolphin boy swam free,
And Dolphin boy swam free.

Nov 21

Author: blackbird212012

I am interested in multimedia work: songwriting, art, and creative writing. I have been involved also in theatre and music performances.

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