With spaces in between
Putting a sound to consonants
Helps to know what it means

There’s a name so great
For in between the consonants
Is the power to create

How does it really sound
Imagine a man upon a hill
So overcome that he lays right down

Is made of things so nice and bright
from this name came creation
from this name came life

To the soldier on the battlefield
Fighting for some space
Please remember the meaning of this name

We cover death with flowers

We cover death with flowers
But God looks away
We sing laments and cry our tears
But rarely believe what we pray

God designed the flowers
Their seeds grow from winter’s night
They grow and become like gifts to us
They have nothing to do with human fight

Cain too offered some flowers
He offered for a sacrifice
But the truth is not in flowers
But in Christs human sacrifice

The sacrifice of men in war
Can’t bring back the dead
The sleeping soldier has no hope
In the flowers around his head

When asked to make an offering
Abel knew the need of light
Flowers speak of frivolity
Next to the ransom sacrifice


Author: blackbird212012

I am interested in multimedia work: songwriting, art, and creative writing. I have been involved also in theatre and music performances.

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