I’ll keep reading you

I’ll keep reading you
Till the stars all are gone
I’ll keep reading you
Because you’re the one
I’ve saved all your letters
They clothe me and feed me
And though I have lost you
The words are now
Part of me
So I’ll keep on reading you
I’ll keep on reading

Well I first saw your words
In a bookshop
And I had to pick them up
Between the thumb and forefinger
Like a litter of pups
They scampered and they whinnied
They rolled their big round eyes
They spoke words
I’ll remember
All my life
Oh yes
I’ll keep on reading you

I’ll keep on reading you
I’ll open up your heart
I’ll open up your inner self
I never will depart
And I’ll race through the pages
Just like I always do
Yes I’ll keep on reading
Keep on loving

Here is where I got the idea for this poem: spacetimebae.wordpress.com/2019/12/13/alive-again/
i will be reading you



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