Amant peindre votre visage sur mon visage

Amant peindre votre visage sur mon visage
Amant peindre vos mains sur mes mains
L’amant peigne ta poitrine sur ma poitrine
Amant faire de mon ombre votre ombre

Amant utiliser ma bouche pour vos mots
Amant utiliser mon souffle pour vos soupirs
Amant utiliser mes pensées pour votre imagination
Amant utiliser mes rêves pour vos rêves

Et quand je, et quand je, et quand je
Besoin de vous, vous êtes toujours là

Lover paint your face on my face

Lover paint your face on my face
Lover paint your hands on my hands
Lover paint your breast onto my breast
Lover make my shadow your shadow

Lover use my mouth for your words
Lover use my breath for your sighs
Lover use my thoughts for your imagination
Lover use my dreams for your dreams

And when I, and when I, and when I
Need you, you are always there

Mes désirs peuvent-ils me tuer ?

Mes désirs peuvent-ils me tuer ?
Mes amours peuvent-ils me conduire à la mort éternelle ?

Mes branches peuvent-ils brûler dans leur feu
Mes fleurs peuvent-elles mourir et s’évanouir dans l’oubli

Si je grandis trop grand, puis-je être abattu?
Est-ce qu’un ange se tiendra à côté de moi avec une hache?

Mais si je ne grandis pas du tout
Le temps et les ténèbres m’étoufferont-ils et utiliseront-ils ma chair pour allumer leurs feux

Mes besoins peuvent-ils me dévorer comme un fluide embaumisdans dans une tombe ?
Est-ce que je veux que tu me détruises comme un lion dans un marais de crocodiles ?

Mes espoirs peuvent-ils être déclarés invalides pour avoir espéré votre amour terrestre ?
Mes rêves peuvent-ils être rayés du record pour avoir rêvé de tes baisers sur mes lèvres ?

Can my desires kill me?

Can my desires kill me?
Can my loves lead me into eternal death?

Can my branches burn in their fire
Can my blossoms die and fade into oblivion

If I grow too tall can I be cut down?
Will an angel stand next to me with an axe?

But if I do not grow at all
Will time and darkness smother me and use my flesh to light their fires

Can my needs devour me like an embalmers fluid in a tomb?
Can my wanting you destroy me like a lion in a swamp of crocodiles?

Can my hopes be declared invalid for hoping for your earthly love?
Can my dreams be struck off the record for dreaming of your kisses on my lips?

The Womans Cult

The girl had seen the sign
A dance beneath the stars
Meant only for womankind
Where all of the men were barred

She slipped away beguiled
From her lover’s bed
To the call of the wild
Was by the darkness led

Into a forest clearing
Where torches lit the scene
Of wild woman sneering
And calling things obscene

And with their wild dance
She swirled and spun and swayed
Into demonic trances
She wantonly now had strayed

Her lover found her missing
Came looking for his muse
And while entranced she called his name
So he answered bemused

They jumped on him like wild beasts
They tore his body apart
Upon the bloodstained ground, they feast
They even ate his heart

The villagers were angry
At what the women had done
They took their swords and knives
And slaughtered every one

They beat their breast in sorrow
When the maids were identified
They were their wives and daughters
That had once lived by their side

You should peel the skin

You should peel the skin and eat the fruit
But you discard the heart and eat the shell

You should dam the river and drink the water
But you dry up the stream and eat the dust

If a wildflower grows too high
You cut it down I don’t know why

You build the skyscrapers up to the sky
But who will cut them down or try?

Please include in real life

Please include in real life
This foggy existence
No more than a small animal in a dusty den
Born by chance

Please include in real life
This foggy existence
No more than a field mouse
Scampering across the meadow
Born by chance

Please include in real life
This foggy existence
The spirit of breath
The beating heart
Alive by chance

Little more than a field mouse
Born by chance in a dusty den
Scampering across the meadow
Never ever seen again

He walked for a whole year

He walked for a whole year
Through a great desert
He died of thirst
But he got up again
He died of hunger
But he got up again
He died in his sleep
But he got up again

Then on the very last hour of his journey
A great yellow horse came to him
Now he rides towards the great ocean
Where the white gloves of the angry clouds
Grasp the rocks and the sand of the shoreline
And hurl them like spit through the air

Sadness spills over in me

Sadness spills over in me
Sadness chokes me
I swing like a hanged man from a tree
With all the world around me in the gloom

I fought hard to understand
The careless love of mankind
I burned like a witch in a fire
With all the nations of the world around me in the smoke

In the end, I had to try and give in
But still, I can’t believe it
Is there no one left worth saving
Are we all turning to pillars of salt

The earth the gorgeous earth

The earth the gorgeous earth
Should you be surprised?
That invisible powers fight over her

Unique in all the universe
Alone in all her beauty
Filled with wonder and imagination

Evil designs are attracted to her
She shows the scars of the battles fought
But still, the blue jewel moves proudly on

That mankind lived for centuries
Not knowing where he was
Foolish mankind, arrogant mankind

That mankind thinks he is alone in the darkness
When the earth is placed like a sapphire in high security
So that no one can steal her away

It is foolish and conceited
To let yourselves think
That you are alone with such a great prize as the earth

I tried too hard to give you my heart

I tried too hard to give you my heart
The remembered days that live in there
The delusions that seem so real to me
The truth that seems a lie to you

I’ve preserved my sanity in a memorial dream
I sent it by spacecraft into my hearts endless space
In a metal safe box as hard as titanium
In a container as small and soft as a bird

I’ve tried to give my heart to you
Its dusty dark streets where children play till late
Its realisations about my cherished beliefs

Its trust in giants, in gods, and heroes
Though some of the blood was poured away
Thick and hot onto the sacrificial floor
This I did when I knew you too well

I’ve tried to give you my heart
To you who exist in thousands of disguises
I try my desires on you
You flicker, flicker, flicker

In and out of reality
Back and forth from your book to your overcoat
You’ve walked out the door
Before I’ve even finished and you’re gone

I’ve tried to speak truly of paradise
Though but a single candle flame of it exists
In all the world in its time and its space
I’ve known it, I’ve known it, I’ve known it

There are 800 million people in the world

There are eight hundred million people in the world
They live in 800 million houses
There are 800 million living rooms with 800 million cupboards
There are 800 million rusty biscuit tins with 800 million forgotten poems

I have eight folders
They are crammed with poems and songs
And I am the author of eight folders
Crammed with poems and songs
The only response I ever get
Is ridicule, rejection and the put-down

What I want to know is
What am I to do with my life?
In such a hopeless world