Shine on

I’m feeling so down,
This time I might drown
And the stars that I knew
Are gone behind the moon

Shine on over the water,
Shine on over the sea
Now you’re gone it’s hard to go on,
Can someone come and save me.

My breath is misted with darkness
My eyes are faded and dim
And the stars that come to my rescue
Told me I must learn how to swim.

Shine on over the silver
Shine on over the pool
Dip your arms in the water
Help this drowning fool

The leader of the pack had a knife in his back
And a heart that was as cold as a stone
At the opportunity to be rid of me
He took his decision on his own.

Shine on over the water
Shine on over the sea
Shine on in the darkness
Shine your light on me


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