Planet of the Car

This was an earthquake of the heart
This was rock rubbing against heart
This was a sack full of dreams crushed
By a car driving in the wrong direction
Into catastrophic motorway collision

There was murder dripping out of the engine
There was murder spreading across the tarmac
There was the son of an angel in great pain
There was a man in the far distance
Like a giant plastic radio watching

Yea though I swim in the sea of terror
As the bush fire sweeps o’er me
Little Koala Bear me

In a plan far away
The ground is made of tiny diamonds
That cut through your feet
So here’s to you
Mrs Robinson
The producer loves you more than you will know
And Father Christmas says Hello

There was an earthquake
As if the carpenter
Had fitted two doors in every doorway
And the windows slid down the wall and burst open
Some people said it was a gospel choir
In the house of the plain god
By the side of the motorway
On the road to Delphi
Driving little red and blue wooden children ’s cars

To the edge of the cave of the oracle
Vomited for the camera crew
This was now – by heavens decree
The planet of the car

For on the morning of Friday the 13th
Every car on the planet was up and running
Every garage was active
Every oil pump was
As bloody as bloody murder

Flypaper manufacturers are going out of business
Flies are defused
Flies are seeking shelter from the smog
Here is the sunset of a new era

A new earthquake
Twist the key
Wring out the key
Key of flesh, keyhole of man

There was an earthquake of the heart
A mighty hammer struck the continent
The great road system was peeled away
Like Sello-tape from a package
The package is the earth
Let’s reopen it
Let it open up

Let the earth open its doors
Bargain black Friday
Bargain water
Bargain wheat
A bargain white rhino
Smiling by the silo
In the acid rain
To add to the insane

It was an earthquake of the heart
It was how soft and sweet brown sugar crumbles
Saying No to the totem pole man
Who speaks by his radio tower AKA Radio
New Suplosity, Mazarony Bay, Bangor Main

To all my peoples
To all my adherents on the planet
This is good
We can do all we want
It the water rises
We will push them back
If the fire rages
We will snuff them out
It the torandoes twist
We will untwist them

“Listen” said the politician
In my recurring nightmare
“Look” we can destroy planets

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