My Personal Bible Study Day: Marriage

Imagine what the marriage of Adam and Eve was like, that Adam lived for 930 years, what marriage has ever lasted for 930 years? Genesis 5:3

Ancient history indicates that there was an Earth Mother who was worshipped as a goddess; Eve was the mother of mankind. Genesis 3:20

The two great empires of ancient biblical civilisations Egypt and Babylon had ancient god-chiefs types; they are Egypt’s Pharaoh-is-god-on-earth and Babylon’s the-king-is-appointed-by-god. They seem to get mixed up in belief systems if you can separate them then who was the first man-god, maybe Adam.
To early Stone Age man, Adam and Eve might have been celebrated even deified. They may have drifted apart due to irreconcilable differences, prompting a division amongst their offspring akin to the experience of children of divorced parents today causing rifts. They may have formed alliances with outside influences. They may have had to fight against the incursion of the fallen angels and their offspring the Nephilim/giants/Titans. Genesis 6:4

Every little squabble that husband and wife, man and woman, go through today they must have gone through then.
Jehovah God gave the bride away when he brought her to Adam. Genesis 2:22

Maybe Adam became a proud person. He is mentioned in biblical genealogy as one of those who died before the great flood. Eve though is not mentioned, Eve somehow lives on. The bible explains that Eve became the mother of all those living. No father is mentioned. The father maybe lost his parental rights. Does mankind have a stepfather?

The problems husband and wife have in their marriages goes back to the mistakes made by the original parents of modern people, a behavioural copying thing that has continued unbroken for thousands of years. It needs wisdom to make a marriage work.

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