And The Heron Flies

The heron stood on the water
On your wooden heart, it carved a trinity
Two staircases emerged from the lake
A vase of yellow roses hovered there

You chewed a rosary of spearmint
I melted away into nothing
Vikings ransacked the church of your mind
You wrung a hollow-sounding Amen from raindrops

You’ve hung onto this one lasting dream
Of being in the romance of a lifetime
As the dragon dressed up as a Cardinal
And shoots you with his prickly thinking

The Heron flew onto the island
Your face was as long as a Catholic against the lake
Like an old empty black saloon car I felt empty
A bed of roses undermined your pure thinking

Let’s go back home you kept saying
But I felt like a motherless child
Roosting in a nest of deleted feelings
With my severed legs under the table

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