The Spirits Follow You through the New Year

The spirits follow you through the New Year
Tower Bridge beckons you with a wall of flame
Above the light of the fireworks the night is a slow piano
The stars are sad singers above the blast of gunpowder

I have joined the stars this day
Where no one will see me
Hiding behind the veils of the winter sun
Where nothing can touch me

The spirits are laughing at your absence
They who razed and misled the leaders
That sailed down the river with a warships salute
And even the captain could not see or stop them

I have joined the invisible stars
No one sees me now
Invisible above the daylight and clouds
Where nothing can hurt me

The spirits are as free as feral cats now
They are not grateful for their release
They may come back to get you
You who ignore all the warning signs

I have joined the bright little stars
Come nearer and I am an unquenchable fire
Floating forever above the earthen skies

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