The Death Of The Tramp In The Park

On The Death Of Patrick McVarish

Tramp cooked by the sun
Hot enough to fry an egg upon
Marinated in lager he died
Alone, with no-one by his side.

For six hours in the park
His burning skin turning dark
His organs boiling in their blood
A man that no-one understood

In the heatwave, he sat down
With the parched earth all around
To still the pain in his heart
Now pains are gone
and from the living, he departs

Unable to respond to his fears
Painfully he shed his tears
That evaporated from his eyes
Drifting from his face into the skies

The laughter at the inquest began
When described as the boil in a bag man
But a man came to this end
Dying in a park without a friend

Nov 7, 97

All These Things

There’s a three-piece suit
That collapses when you sit on it
There’s a Staffordshire bull terrier
That lies in front of a coal fire
The garden has a border with bundles of flowers
That never seem to fill the bare patches
There is a dusty old vacuum cleaner
That is used to sweep the carpets every morning
There is a battered old radio
That is tuned indefinitely to “talk radio”
There is an old shed in the back garden
Where the remains of a working man’s life are stored
– rusty hammers, boxes of nails,
– the smell of leather and wood
There are nice flowery curtains in the kitchen window
With a much treasured “bizzie-lizzie” in a pot
There are photographs of children on the wall
Along with a photo of a ginger tom-cat
There are two teak wall units
Passed on from a long lost relative who died
There’s a bed and a chest of drawers
That I brought over twenty years ago
There’s an old bucket by the back door
That’s filled with coal and a rusty shovel
There’s an old biscuit-tin
With musty old trade union cards and letters
There’s a little statue of a cobbler
That’s been painted silver all over
There are towels hanging along the stair banister
With an airing cupboard full of warm sheets
There is a handmade bathroom cabinet
Thickly painted in cream gloss paint
And all of these things were struggled and fought for
And all of these things are loved and hated
And all of these things are working class

The Forests Gate

Since she moved to the forest’s gate
I oftentimes have missed her
Hidden by the wind in the trees
By the branches that grow around her

Since she lives by the forest’s gate
Her skin has turned much browner
Her clothes are like the bark of trees
Her hair has been covered in leaves

From the forest’s edge, the animals come
From the trees the birds surround her
The grass grows wildly beneath her feet
The ivy seems to cover her

The wolves that live in the forest deep
Reach out their claws to take her
She disappears just like a sheep
I never more will see her

Sept 10, 96

Spike Milligan – Ying Tong Song


Spike Milligan lived in Jerico
when the walls came tumbling down
and as he Israelites scaled the walls
they heard this terrible sound

ying tang, ying tang, ying tang, ying tang
ying tang tiddle-i-fo, etc

Spike Milligan was a Mexican
at the battle of the Alamo
as Davy Crocket levelled his musket
he heard this tale of woe

Spike Milligan was a clockwork bird
when they landed in Normandy
as they grouped upon the shore
this song came over the sea

Spike Milligan had a granddad
who fought at Waterloo
and as Napoleon rode his white horse
he heard this crazy tune

Ghengis Khan and his Army
came to engage the foe
but one man alone stood on guard there
singing, Ying Tang diddle-i-fo

Spike Milligan was a genius
who joined the British Army
by the end of the second world war
they saw that he’d gone barmy


take me home, I feel lazy
I think the whole world’s gone crazy


“That’s all for now, folks”

Long life and good health

I didn’t know what to do
So I blogged it

Teachers are few, students are many
But artists are treated like dirt
Artists, are teacher and student
Artists are explorers where it hurts
Artists are often to be pitied
A few are honoured, and loved
All of them give some happiness
In our lives both hard and tough

I didn’t know what to do
So I saved it
I didn’t know what to do
So I engraved it
I didn’t know what to do
So I remade it
I didn’t know what to do
With my life, my love
With my freedom, my time

I didn’t know what to do
So I hid it
I didn’t know what to do
So I got rid of it
I didn’t know what to do
So I refitted it
I didn’t know what to do
With my life, my love
With my freedom, my time

Oct 2, 1995

A poem to all the followers over the past year or so, I wish you well through the present crisis.

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This is like a time of the impossible

This is like a time of the impossible
When hatred is exposed to the light
The photo is published in the news syndicate
So people can see how a creature of the night
Slavers over its prey in its dark den

This is a time of the impossible
When selfishness is exposed like woodworm
When the rotten wood is left untreated
And selfishness becomes a pain in the heart

Spring is in the air
The days are lengthening
There are the sounds and colours of nature
And the sun is warm and bright

Yet mankind is in a crisis
We pass on a virus to each other
We die by the handfuls everyday
And we use money like beads

If I live through this crisis
If I survive this plague
How can I learn to understand it?
How can I prepare for the worst?


Suspended in space
There’s no future
There’s no past
Colours surround you
The universe
Wraps itself around you

Starts from the centre
And smiles
Everything is there
A feast
That never ends

Life within you
Is a ripple in the water
A seed of eternity
Growing inward
Growing outward
Growing all around you

The Great Companion
Shines somewhere
As he works
He looks at you
Like a loving father
To a child

An epidemic of the blues

In this grand utopia, the posse rides through heaven
Guided by mission control way above the weather
Flying fish and flying bombs and mermaids in the gutter
Running from the tide of war without their bread and butter

There’s gonna be, there’s gonna be
An epidemic of the blues

Down in deepest Darlington
I met my old belief
She was standing by a drain
Trying to get relief
Do you have to live this way?
I hoped that I could help
But the last thing that she wanted was
To be her better self

There’s gonna be, there’s gonna be
An epidemic of the blues

Walking through the market square
The gypsy Romanian fell
She hadn’t had a bit to eat
There was nothing in the well
People just ignored her when
She seemed to grit her teeth
And calling down a curse or two
So we all could feel her grief

There’s gonna be, there’s gonna be
An epidemic of the blues

Now walking in the garden
I saw an ugly ghost
And everyone it breathed upon
Soon began to croak
And laughing like a demon
Its work was easily done
For people had stopped believing
And had taken up the gun

There’s gonna be, there’s gonna be
An epidemic of the blues

There was a man named Baptist John
Who lived in Bethnal Green
And with his broken placard board
He broke into your dream
Why are you following now
Into a cul-de-sac
And even the politician feels
Things are looking black

There’s gonna be, there’s gonna be
An epidemic of the blues

As the coast guard boat was sailing
It came across a child
Swimming across the ocean
It was getting wild
If I go back to my country
I’m sure to be killed
Take me to your leader
I’ll now be self-willed
There’s gonna be, there’s gonna be
An epidemic of the blues

I saw a man of papers
He said let’s all do right
Follow the instructions
It will surely save your life
The protesters soon had gathered
They wanted right of way
Give us our night or else
We’ll take away your day

There’s gonna be, there’s gonna be
An epidemic of the blues

They called for law and order
But just what does that mean
They ate it like spaghetti
Like pond weed in a stream
It’s back to the beginning
If you remember when
Right was right and wrong was how
And there is no golden cow

There’s gonna be, there’s gonna be
An epidemic of the blues

Someone saw a murder
Well isn’t that a shame
Called for an ambulance
To take away the blame
The academic right of way
Kept arguing all the time
That’s the way the world is
A magnet for the crime

Can we find such a thing today?

This is the story of Jonah
He hated Ninevehs evil way
He was told to warn them of ruin
Can we find such a thing today?

Jonah went to Assyria
Who heard what he had to say
And repented in sackcloth and ashes
Can we find such a thing today?

The king was afraid of Gods warning
He got down on his knees and he prayed
To Jehovah, the God of all Israel
Can we find such a thing today?

God repented his anger
And Nineveh walked a new way
For many a year, they lived in peace
Can you find such a thing today?