As I was escaping

As I was escaping
From emergency ward ten
Said one little pickpocket
Would you go there again?
Seeing how the surgery
Is on the top floor
And the priest comes to visit
To read you gods law

Rainbow the clown
Was a wonderful pal
He always got jealous
If I went out with a gal
So what if I do
See her again
It’s better than waiting
In emergency ward ten

The skateboard collector
Disregarded his health
He flew down the street
Like he was flying with stealth
What’s this I see?
If he does that again
I’m sure I’ll be meeting him
In emergency ward ten

With the jet’s near miss
And a chainsaw in the hedge
And the life insurance man
Wants the signature, the pledge
You just want the coupon
For something to spend
It’s a one-way trip
To emergency ward ten

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