Here I am in Central London

Here I am in Central London
Thousands of people with hundreds of things to do or not to do.
Buses, taxis and vans – that circle Trafalgar square
In a liquid sun bubble that melts the air
Where the guardsmen march
As you look through the arch
You might see the palace
Said Alice

I tried to hide in plain sight
But the sun was so white
I couldn’t quite hide my soul
But if you manoeuvre around
On that tourist mound
And look through the arch
Down the street of stars
You can just about see the palace
Said Alice

I took some photos of Admiralty Arch
Not thinking what my opponent’s next move might be
My imagination plagued by faces in a rage
And nice people were staring at me
I thought I might stay once I’ve walked all the way
The place holds no romance for me
So I took off in a march from admiralty arch
And did not look back at the palace
Or Alice

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