My brother!

My brother got in trouble
He got caught in a trap
He was struggling for ages
He soon began to snap
He said hey now – send me water
Let me have my daily bread
But all he got
Was a stone to rest his head

Loneliness like a serpent
With a sack of shiny blues
In falling layers of rain
It can bury you
A stranger with a spade
The gravestones he will lift
And your soul he will claim
To enslave you

A passerby was called
And he listened to you talk
But little did he do
To free you
He said he had to go now
Having listened for a while
Don’t forget to get better
Don’t forget to smile

Loneliness returned
With his bag of tricks
And smiling, down you fell
Feeling sick
You said hey now give water
Give me my daily bread
But all you had
Was a stone to rest your head

As you dream of mountains
Rising to the sky
With lights above shining all around
You hear a voice say hey my brother
Where are you bound?
And would you like some wings to fly

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