Rainbows for the hopeless part 2

Having a lovely experience

Having a lovely experience
Without any thought or fear
That borders frame around me
In my hemisphere

With all my grave goods by me
And all my supports so dear

In the drain pipes of survival
Like little mouse I run
Wrapped in earthly colours
Like a black daub of the sun

Evaporating, distilled
Inside a silent drum

It’s amazingly so obvious
How glued my solids are
How all my lonely spirits
Have to travel far

With orders to recapture and contain me
While my heart tries to make sense of it all

It’s nothing, believe me

the physical universe is in nothing
this nothing is not empty
because being empty implies
a container, a place, a shape that is empty
this nothing has no life, has no death
and never can and never will and never has
this nothing cannot be measured
in any way because there is no existence
of any kind to be measured
this nothing gives the illusion of vastness
but it is only an illusion of the confused human mind
that is incapable of understanding nothing
hey space-walking man, tell them the truth
the physical universe floats in nothing


Raindrop running down a window
There’s nothing to control you from within
If you could think you’d see your predicament
And maybe you’d grow wings to fly.

Raindrop running down a window
Running into other raindrops and forming pools of water.
and making one big body of water
you go where it goes without a thought

Author: blackbird212012

I am interested in multimedia work: songwriting, art, and creative writing. I have been involved also in theatre and music performances.

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