Did the full moon flow
Like a silver tide in your anima?
Did the shadow of your ego
Dance the wolf dance?
As the scent of blood,
The want of love
In the hypothalamus of your dreams
Lead you to the hilltop of your vocation?

Did the civilisation of your thoughts
Build aluminium bridges to the stars?
Across the river of the full moon
That filled your eyes like canyon?
Was the dullness of your heart?
Inspired by the love drug of the lunar night?
That orbited through our spirit
Enraging your fascination with your dark soul?

Does the framework of your social conditioning
Protect you against the might of desire, of a heavenly pulling power?

I warned you of the predictions reported that day
I told you about the scientific theories of the night
And I wanted to be there to comfort you
When the full moon effect took hold with its light

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