To Ali and Lien

Jug of orange juice
Paintbrushes – immediate things
Saturday morning

Tea towel
Next-door neighbours

Who needs manners?
Who needs these ceremonies?
Wants doors and manners
People making their grand entrances
Just feel free Lien
Your behaviour is just fine

Rembrandt and Van Gogh
Millet and Cezanne
Took a manner
Put a frame around it
Suzanne, The bathers, Sunflowers
The field workers
Auvers, Riemy, St Etienne
And Cezanne’s mountain

Clogs of cheese
Potato dust
Wellies, scarves and shawls
Vermeer over by the window

Who wants a crazy love?
I want to be calm like a painting
I want to be quiet
For the way you affect me
Is calm and quiet
Crazy love
And a jug of orange juice

The painting on the wall
Rembrandts’ daughter

Towel over the wardrobe door
Neighbours resting around a map of the world
Continents of furniture
Lots of peace
Slowly leaving the minds
It’s morning you see
Peace leaves the mind
Around dinnertime

The map of the world
Soon ceases to be a picture
With neighbours resting around it
It becomes a midday game
Peace of mind now
Crazy love after
I have trust in neighbours
I have love for them
I feel secure
Alone with neighbours
Calm or cool
Not a word seems wrong this morning
Leisure and a map of the world

Rainwater in my baseball shoes
Wind and Sunlight in the trees
Sparrows singing
And a towel over the wardrobe door

The painting on the wall
Rembrandts’ daughter


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