The tired pool of light said enter

The tired pool of light said enter
and the spirit turned into a fish
the deep dark abyss grew into a dragon
but it climbed out onto land as a male child
naked, innocent, in awe of the beautiful earth

The living black seaweed made for itself
a flying saucer and flew it to Los Angeles
the population saw it as a celluloid dream in a drive-in movie
that rank of stagnant water filled with larvae

The dragons name was “terrible” and “fearful”
it roared like a lion made insane by a life of incarceration
its gold head was covered in black mould and limpets
for miles around the deep was silent and empty

Great crowds of early women folk swarmed around the male child
they taught him magic spells and how to kill
soon he became a great king in a dark valley
he grew snakes like tentacles out of his teeth

The earth became as dark as Jupiter
a red glowing mist enveloped its pitch black surface
as arrows of golden light shot from the sun
to piece and kill the male child

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