Iron Lady

Modern life is an iron lady wrapped around my waist
I can not breath
Modern life is an iron lady wrapped around my waist
I Can not move.

The iron lady is a robot that never sleeps
Building its slaves in the night
They wrap her around you as you grow
To make sure you never reach – the light.

Hidden away on the shooting range
are the shadows of my past;
nameless loves and failures
–  wounded soldiers to the last.

I crawl across the no man’s land
To find a stolen face
when the sound of broken mirrors
reveals an identity, without a trace.

Hidden away on the training ground
of my future, and of my past
Embers of volcanoes
broken hearts bleed fast.

And even in this dawn of time
of someone else’s dreams
the shooting never stops
across the red moon-beams.

Modern life is an iron lady
wrapped around my waist
I dream of all my loves
but they tell of all my hates.

Modern life is an iron lady
Seeing, her function now denied
clinging with her modern life
to my side.

2 thoughts on “Iron Lady

  1. This sounds very depressing, especially because “modern life” is such a generalization. It prompts for a question, which life should be considered “not modern,” and what was better about it. I understand that’s poetry, and there aren’t necessarily definite answers, but sill.

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    • These last 12 – 15 poems were written in 2004. I never expected them to be published, and at that time I didn’t think they were anything special. Anyway, I thought that because of the ordinary day to day theme that runs through them they might help take peoples minds off of the present calamity. So then, modern life in the poem was 16 years ago. Modern life means something different for each individual. (I rarely come across modern life myself), and for many, it means nothing at all. For some it encompasses their whole life for another it might be only glimpsed in a new video game or a trip to the theatre, as day to life will take back over again.

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