Nothing on TV

Nothing on TV except the experts
and the experts are all young
they have middle-class accents
and wear American curls.

Someone turned off the TV
And replaced it with a dollar sign
Someone turned my heart off
And replaced it with an empty time.

Nothing on TV except the experts
Born from laboratory tests
Hatched from little eggs on heaters
And bred to handle TV guests.

Someone pulled the curtains on the TV!
The box is as dark as can be
It’s left a big hole in my life now
The nights are lonely and empty.

Nothing on the TV except the experts
In their mechanical hands, they hold the scripts
Made of digital black treacle
Made of fragile government manuscripts.

The night befalls me like an ancient cave
Full of silence and dark light
I dip my fingers in the paint
And paint them in yellows, reds and whites.

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