Spring is here (a cubist poem)

Green chick shoot
Egg bulb in the earth
Like little yellow spiders
The chicks
Pour out of the bulb
In their hundreds

While the hen
Sits on sprouting daffodils
or lays daffodil bulbs
In the earth

Green chicks spring out of the ground
Eggs are stuffed with daffodils
Green shoots of clucking daffodils
Cover the earth

Green chick shoots
blurting in the soil
Without mouths
Sporting little green angel wings
And then a heady scent
Comes out of their bills

Bulbs sprout legs
And run about the field
– The hen eats them

A chick wears daffodil petals like a ruff
And withers like a straw

Bulbs have baby chicks inside them
That flower in the sunshine
And then are put into flat trays
To be sold in supermarkets

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