Autumn morning, the face of the sky

Autumn morning, the face of the sky, the beginning of the sky
The one that draws you into its promise
A crystal blue moon as delicate as thin eggshells
You remember and smile, always you smile

The childlike search of the woods and fields
For something, somewhere to make a sacred home
A sacred tap root of civilisation, a celebration ceremony
The childish need to speak to a spirit

Here you plant your feet, you stare into the water
You search for the future over the horizon
You laugh, play games, you make up poems and sing them
To the water that bubbles up like the source of time

And it sprang out of the ground and formed a city
It formed an army that marched to war
It launched a navy that sailed the world
It gave birth to Kings and Queens

It formed bubbles that became stones
That became walls that became towers
It reached the skies and felt the wind
Its fingers traced the ages of mankind

That lost you beneath the walls and stones
That filled you with darkness with cries
That turned your waters to blood and plague
As an angel of death flew over you

But the moon as blue as eggshells
Is laughing, laughing at the foolishness of it all
Remembering the naked man who built a home
And played with his children, making up songs and dancing

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