The Bargain Hunt

Get on the bus
You’re going to the sale
You’ll grab what you want
Or you’ll go to jail

In wind, rain or hail
– It’s nice if it’s summer
But you’re a tough little
Bargain Hunter

Walk down the street
You’re in your territory
Push through the crowds
With your inventory

In flack, jack or hail
Bomb blast or junta
You’re a tough little
Bargain hunter

Get in the store
As you stalk through the crowds
Capture your bargain
Lay money down

Retreat to the bus stop
In glory and bunting
You’ve been successfully
Bargain hunting

You walk down the street
Feeling fine
a smile on your face
a tingling in your spine

You’re way up in outer space

Save your cash
For the sales next year
For books and toys
And fashion gear

There is no recession
Or eco slump
That can stop you
From the bargain hunt

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