My soul, the ghost in me

My soul, the ghost in me
The fuse box tripped
The fledgeling that dies in the egg
The bicycle stood upside down
On handlebars and saddle
A broken water closet, a tap run dry
Soul and body should be one
What keeps them apart?
What spiteful laughter from the loveless alleyways?
How everything is connected to words
How words connect to the soul
How words connect to the body
How kind words can complete your growth
Like water can fill an ocean

I was afraid of the face
Of its changes
I wanted it to be
Like a portrait in oils
What if it changed
What if it was changed forever?
I wanted the face
To stay the same
To be the same person
For that meant
My life would stay the same
That I could stay in my corner
That I was secure
The face that moved
Was an earthquake
If the expression changed
My life would change with it
The face would change
But I would have to stay the same
I would be left behind
As the removal van
Drove away

Busy streets and wild animals
Heartbreak and loneliness
Hillary Street was a children’s program
Made for me to be in
A playground scene for innocence
To risk life in
To wander off and never return
To close your eyes forever in
The life of a child
In a few short pages
A sentence
A couplet
A haiku

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