Excuse me, Coronation Street

Excuse me, don’t I know you
Haven’t I seen you down the street?
Didn’t you lose your heart to a rover?
No, you don’t have to speak

I’ve been sitting here for so long
Watching stars live and die
The street has been a home from home
Since I was just a boy

I saw you at the beginning
I saw you in black and white
Now I’ve got a widescreen
And there’s nowhere now to hide

I remember the old places
I remember the old faces
How it makes my heartburn
Sitting in the Rovers Return

How the street has changed
Changed with the times they say
Reflections on a TV screen
That change from day to day

I read you’re into changes
That your character never knows
What the future will bring her
Or how her fortune grows

I stop by on a Wednesday
Just like I always do
To find out how things are going
And what’s been happening to you

And my mother died recently
She would never miss a person
The only life she seemed to know
Was the one on your show

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