Solace, Love and Religion

Solace in the ring of moonbeams
The silhouette of the cat against the moon
The river of milk that turns into moonlight
The music from a hollow star tastes of the sun

Love and religion in the hollow of a tree trunk
Split into two by the axe of the lonely heart
Love and religion side by side like two gravestones
One kills the other before they are even dead

Solace like an otter on the riverbank
Her eyes spread seas of reflections
That becomes a lady of cosmic solitude
Whose hands part the universe like a curtain

Love and religion together in chains of blood stained silver
Quickly divorcing like a mountain split apart

Love and religion separated by the wagging of the weeping tongue
Of the brittle shadows of the mind
Love and religion forged in the human fires of time
Separated as perfect enemies by the sword of fear

Love and religion separated by alchemy
The wholeness is never seen in an imperfect world
Sunlight and ice and the radioactive currents of a star
Stake solace to the earth like a glowing molten fire

Her song haunts heaven and beguiles angels
They dance around the sun in a ring
Burning the wings of nightingales into its deep mirrors
Held within by solace who is in charge of dream worlds
Who with an everlasting thread sows together
The endless un-natural enmity of love and religion

Solace born like a liquid silver moon
From the earth and sky of love and religion
She burns like fire by day and glows like frost by night
Tears like snowflakes hover motionless above her sleeping soul

Those who love have separated themselves from religion
Those with religion have separated themselves from love
And in between solace holds them apart
Like two mountains about to collide in Canaan

Each side of their glass partition, yellow with pregnancy
Growing numbers of hollow men write dreams
With sleep-frozen-eyes and the leaf of night stuck in their coagulated blood
Where love and religion become a meaningless mixture of sand grain

For love without religion dies and religion without love dies also
Love alone will be driven to murder and religion alone will start the slaughter

5 thoughts on “Solace, Love and Religion

    • I saw a film yesterday, The guernsey literary and potato peel pie society. A nosy parker landlady challenged a tenant, she accused her the tenant of supporting undesirables the book club, the tenant replied and said holding the bible “you have turned this book of love into a thing that supports your own prejudices and so on”. And so religion can turn love into this thing. Anyway if you can have a look at the film, it’s set during the German occupation of Guernsey in 1946 🙂

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