How the Crater Marked Moon

How the Crater Marked Moon

How the crater marked moon
Reflects the sunlight
And turns it into something as beautiful
As a full moon

Hiding its blemishes
Forgiving the moon its scars
Clothing it in glory

What is hate between lovers

What is hate between lovers?
Is it bad love?
If love for lovers
Were a New Guinea
Can you keep it new?

Is it a mental illness?
That one doesn’t know how to love
Is it a beaten heart?
That new love grates upon

Was their spirit of oneness?
Challenged with lies
With the world’s prejudices
With lovers empty pockets

Hate between lovers
Is it like a broken bird
Is it how they suffer for their love?
Is it the inner loneliness of time

The attempted rape

He tried to rape her in his flat
He wasn’t arrested like a rat
No charge was made
He got away with that

He wasn’t followed
By police spies
Through the streets
He didn’t have his world destroyed

I heard it all
The night of the attempted rape
I heard her frightened voice
I heard the fight

Next day – nothing
And now he’s twice as bad
And he looks at me and grins
And drives me mad

It was a bad romance

It was a bad romance
It had gone too far
It happened by chance
It broke my jar

It was a really bad dream
It was an animal trap
I began it as a teen
It ended in crap

It was a bad romance
It was a love in trouble
I was a hunted animal
Amongst the harvest stubble

It was a one-way trip
On a downward slope
It was foggy air
It was a polluted hope

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