The Tigris and Euphrates

The Tigris and Euphrates

The Tigris and the Euphrates
Flow side by side
Hear the song of their glory
By the riverside

The history of their land
Flows in their blood
The mystery of their land
That tastes of the flood

On the Tigris and the Euphrates
On the left and on the right
Flowing through the changes
Of day and night

And floating on the Tigris
A flower of wisdom
And floating on the Euphrates
A flower of life

To idealise something

To idealise something is a sugary hit
It lasts as long as you can think of it
A thing idealized becomes an idolized thing
That people bow down to and worship
There’s an ideal example of a woman
That no woman can become
There’s an idolized image of a woman
That melts slowly in the sun

2 thoughts on “The Tigris and Euphrates

  1. I know people is always people, but I wonder what must have felt to live in Mesopotamia; the mindset, the spirit, none that happens in the future we now know really matters. I would miss my computer and sound systems though 😛


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