A letter from “the struggling artist goes unpunished” to the world.

I had this fragment of dream-story stab my brain like a shard of ice. The struggling artist goes unpunished – well that’s not very nice.
Normally the artist is left to self-crucify and no one cares. They do the job for you and your money is spared.
But this struggling artist goes un-punished – why. It could be that a crazy comet was passing by, that looked down from on rocky high and said – we don’t want this struggling artist to die.
Feed the pigeons

Oh, all the rocky comets in the sky got together for a party. An astronaut who was passing by then thought “this all looks very he-arty”
“It’s a squiggle of comets, well I’ll be a pangolins violin. This whole corner of the universe is subject to their din”.
“Call the comet cops, the alien noise patrol before they get into rock and roll”. What a struggling artist may not disagree to is – are you off your tree my dear doctor who.
Feed the pigeons

An army of death apes appeared on earth. “What’s this about the pigeons we heard?” They swarmed over river and they swarmed over dale. They came to the gates of pigeon world in hell.
A brave artist then got up to say,” feed the pigeons -you **£$% lovers of expletives”. The pigeon leader began to play, let the pigeon rule today and . . .
Feed the pigeons.

For Aurora and AuAu
With Love from the pigeon princess.

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