Chris Hall Collaboration

Just now a violent argument started outside. A man swearing and cursing at a woman calling her a crack head, saying she’s taken everything he has, and that no one trusts her. A broken glass. more people join in perhaps trying to calm him down. Now threatening those intervening with a can of petrol and a smack. Now the argument is between him and the ones trying to calm him down. Now more people are involved. Some passers-by are simply laughing at this.

Meanwhile, I’m working on Chris Halls lovely poem and trying to put it to music. And the contrast can’t be greater.

Here is a PDF update to the song.

chris hall poem 21.05.20

2 thoughts on “Chris Hall Collaboration

  1. A terrible picture entered my head as I read those first few words under the title. Were you an I engaged in a terrible argument over words and music? And then I read on. Phew!
    I like where you’re going with this, but I think you’ll have to sing it for us 🙂


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