When two sides hate each other

The bugles of war are calling
They make the morning sigh
That’s the way the world works
When it wakes you up to die


There is a battle raging
They’ll take you to the war
When two sides hate each other
Enough to start a war

And u were sailing peacefully
In the blue sea of your mind
And you hoped that love would find you
That you’d see stars and drink the wine


Your life was very pleasant
You hoped each day could last
Longer than the hour time
That the sun had cast


Your girl with baby in her arms
Your work you love so much
Or else you see hope shining
So bright you need to touch


You had in mind a holiday
Somewhere by the sea
There are so many things to do
And many things to see

But now you’re in the hanging war
And if you refuse to leave
They’ll take you to the public square
And shoot you till you bleed


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