Reading From The Scriptures

The burning voice
In the drowning rain
Speaking from the scriptures
And quivering with pain.

Stooping in the darkness
As only a voice can
Weighed down by anaemia
Like a millstone on a man

Stooping in the darkness
In deaths shroud absorbed
Where eyes are growing dimmer
And the heart is ragged and worn

Speaking from the scriptures
To an audience of silence
Where the waters of oblivion
Hold cells of blood together

And the voice is croaking sick
And whispers from its cavern
Where cartilage is decays
From the shaking it is given

By the maggots in the voice-box
That punctuate the sentence
That curl beneath the words
As the bait that ate the fish

As the worm that ate the sound
As the fly that hooked the noises
And reeled them into the odium
To extinguish them in calumny

Reading from the scriptures
Council to the abyssed
Stood in burning rags of thought
In the ragged flesh of waters

Silent in his whispered speech
Like pellets of  radiation
As around the voice the world dies
Like children sleeping in a nightmare

As the laughter of the strong ones
Has left their plinths of brimstones
And with the lightning in their veins
They extinguish the tonal embers

Where the voice like a ragged poster
Hanging from a billboard
Spoke with clanking tonsils
The speech of a sand-filled tongue

With tears tearing him in two
Like teeth of saws sawing
Cutting him into pieces
Reading from the scriptures

Author: blackbird212012

I am interested in multimedia work: songwriting, art, and creative writing. I have been involved also in theatre and music performances.

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