Life, not death is the culprit

Life, not death is the culprit
Almost perfect, almost sacred
Yet, letting us down, falling short

Life comes to us in rainbow glory
Shining like the sun, a collection of stars
Yet we do not know it; we do not see
We bore into the woodwork like blind worms
We go about our daily routine like slaves

Then the darkness of fear comes
Then the first failings are noticed
The broken heart, the criminal intent
The murderous stare, the sick mind

A small fly infects us
A large animal makes us run
A bird sings we but do not hear
A baby cries but we do not listen

Life begins to fade
It lets go of the flesh
It cannot hold it together
The flesh dries up
The heart weakens its beat
But still, we do not see what lets us down

Life carries on like the notes of a song and stops
When life stops another note is heard laughing
When the laughing stops a great crescendo of noise
When the noise stops another note comes from the distance
Then when that fades an echo is heard through the air
Another birth another life-ending
And no breath lasts long enough to make the music everlasting

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