Dad look at my face

Dad look at my face
My face is no disgrace
They say I look like you
Am I a tyrant too?

Dad look at my eyes
My eyes are no surprise
I have my mother’s eyes
They tell you no more lies

Dad look at my face
Is this the face you hate?
Will I share your fate?
With this kind of face
With this face in the world

Will they hate me like they hate you?
Will my face remind them of you?
Will they talk behind my back about the things you do?

With the savage eyes and the snarl
As you swear and abuse our mom
With the holy mask and charm
As you entertain a lover

Dad look at my face
Can I remove all trace of you?
Can I scour my face with a rasp?
So I don’t look like you do

Dad look at my heart
That you delight in breaking apart
Right from the day I was born
You knifed it with hate and scorn

Was it like looking in a mirror
A face you hate to see
If you hate my face
You hate your face and you direct your hate on me

Do all tyrants stare like you?
With menace through and through
Would you kill all the birds as if they were turds?
Then turn your spite on me

Would you remove all of your relations
Would you put them in torture chambers?
Would you hear their screams as they confess
To the overthrow of your regime

But they all have faces like yours
They all look like you
They swagger as they walk
And they shout as they talk
About their enemy – you

Dad look at my face
Is my face now a disgrace
Will I live my life in hiding
Sure no one will ever like me

Can I get my face removed?
With the butt of a gun or a fist
Or a scalpel in a back street
Where the surgeon likes his blasphemy

Oh there was never a trace of love
In those cold blue eyes of yours
There was never a glimmer of affection
You only wanted subjection

As my mother’s eyes stared alone
And worked her fingers to the bone
And sat and cried in the kitchen
Do you think my trigger fingers itching?

Should I get a bullet for you?
Oh God what should I do
To end this evil foment
To save my mother from torment

Dad can you see what you do
You make me think like you
You trap me with your lies
You twist me up inside

Dad, I think I must run
I can’t do the things that must be done
Something tells me what I should do
But I can’t kill you

Dad look at my face
My face is no disgrace
Dad, I’ll pray for you
That you stop the things you do

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