Tribute to Heidi

singing in mid-range with a throaty wisp
she’s singing a David Bowie song

her crisp white hair was a shock at first
but now she is changed into the beautiful Snow White

She forgets then remembers to smile for her followers on Facebook
with her new message – what would They do now?

the camera captures every change of thought
every rehearsed queue, every tentative smile

this Celtic Snow White sings her song
from her palace wonderland with her childlike joy

my mind races through avenues
along highways and arrives

back in the chair in Camden Working Men’s College
where I sat in an evening class for the first lesson

the equality of her teaching, her kindness
with her Arthurian round-table approach

after my lessons were over I searched but did not find
another Celtic songstress with her endearing magic

I was fortunate to sign up for Heidi Berry’s songwriting class
for a few seasons in about 2000





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