He draws near

He draws near
And the earth is disturbed
He draws away
And the earth rests easy
He draws near from where?
He draws away to where

The New Horizons spacecraft
After 9 years of space travel
Reached the planet Pluto

It took 9 hours of space travel
To receive its first picture of the planet
– Prayer it seems takes a split second

Beyond the range of telescopes
Beyond the mapped universe
Out of reach of all of His creation
This fabulous God seems to live

He can move quicker than an atom
He can hear even our thoughts
He can focus like a microscope on the smallest thing

Pluto was too far away to be seen
Pluto was the last to be explored
Pluto astonished the scientists
with its heart-shaped land feature

No one had seen its heart before
It was so far away in space

Perhaps it was a sign
Perhaps it was a symbol
Perhaps God too has a heart

If he draws nearer in anger
The universe quakes
If he draws near in love
Like a mother hen, he covers his chicks

It is not only a very special earth
It is a very special solar system

Pluto with the heart shape



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