A well fed cat

On a pavement in the early morning
A headless starling, its heart ripped out
through a hole in its breast
A sign of the times
Cruelty born from plenty
A well-fed cat
leaving the carcass for it masters approval

A child, untaught in love, acting cruel
perhaps unloved, perhaps not loved enough, confused
capable of expressing the demonic
A terrifying consciousness; of expressing the uselessness of its own love
Or maybe angered by an aggressive starling

A predatory cat possesses some very sharp, awful abilities
It claws through, its eyes are surgical instruments
That can see with X-ray senses
the heart and brain beneath the victim’s flesh
Its eyes within its teeth are
animal axmen executioners, Aztec priests
And its prey today is
a pretender, an ex-wife, a rebel, a minor sacrifice.

4 thoughts on “A well fed cat

  1. Reblogged this on AuAu Over and commented:
    Im glad to say my Josephine cat was able to share the place with the pigeons, though she was 20 by then… Its pretty impressive to study what they do and the evidence they left behind, to understand whats going through their minds, even something as uncomfortable and unwanted as their killer instinct. On the joyful side, they are not that easy to catch, it was probably the corpse of a sick bird who fell from the tree after death, hopefully.


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