The in-house slave

Let’s see inside your in-house culture?
Let’s see who you really are
Enslaving all of your workers
Keeping them down and poor

Look at you on the TV
Dodging publicity
It’s part of your in-house culture
It’s the shield of democracy

Against those who need it
Against those who are poor
You must blame your in-house culture
That goes on behind closed doors

Inside your in-house culture
What is this mask that you wear
This is your in-house culture
This is your wolfs lair

In your in-house culture
It’s your way or not at all
You stop the poor advancing
To give the rich man more

Everywhere we go now
The in-house culture’s there
They have their own way of working
That means they can do what they want

Do you march your workers to their stations?
Do you use them as if you own them?
Do you tie them down to their workplace?
Do you restrict their breathing?

It is all a part of your in-house culture
And you are sucking people’s blood
Working to your own advantage
Ignoring the common good

You hide inside your in-house culture
You feel safe behind your closed doors
You treat all your slave workers
To your own made-up rules and laws

Are we all just slave workers?
In an unjust economy
All we all just slave workers
In this so-called democracy

If your in-house culture
Has made a slave of you
If you’re so low paid that you
Don’t know what to do

Expose them to your neighbour
Expose them like you don’t care
Only to find that it’s like that everywhere

The in-house slave is angry
The in-house slave is poor
The in-house slave won’t work for you no more

Author: blackbird212012

I am interested in multimedia work: songwriting, art, and creative writing. I have been involved also in theatre and music performances.

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