Proposition: The love of war

The love of war
Goes on and on
In civic pride
In patriotic song
In love for fallen
That paid the price
For their governments
And how they lie
When populations
They cannot control
Need trimming down
Who knows?
God knows

They didn’t want to
They had no choice
They find their names
Their regiments
They parade around
Without any sense
The love of war song

And who do they really fight for
They fight for him

The love of war
It seems to grow
At cenotaph
On streets below
I’ve never known
So much unrest
The answer they give
To mankind’s quest
The love of war
The love of war
The love of war

The love of war
Gets to the stage
The curtains open
The battles rage
And what’s the answer
They have none
Except to say
Be very strong
And they call
To save their world of gold
You will march in time
Like days of old
The love of war
Is on TV
In everyday
Discussing warplanes
Talking tanks
Battle plans
And marching ranks
That fight
For Waterloo
And Ypres
And Vietnam
And enemy new

The love of war
It makes me sick
To see the mind
Behind all this
Working well
Deceiving all
The love of war
So listen people
You must beware
The government
Does it really care?
When it is all so eager
To send you there
For their love of war
When we see it
It’s like some kind of mockery
You sit and watch as soldiers fall
Put there by –
The god of war
For the love of war


A proposition: To turn the images in this poem into an art installation, using video of, paintings and performance. To explore, and enlarge upon the idea that/how the love of war exits in the institutions that people are led by.

Author: blackbird212012

I am interested in multimedia work: songwriting, art, and creative writing. I have been involved also in theatre and music performances.

2 thoughts on “Proposition: The love of war”

  1. ”The love of war” is a socio-political construct made up by the governments to manipulate society, and I like the way you captured this notion in verse. Excellent poem!👏


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