Pigeon Watch

Maybe it’s just my imagination, but such is the effect of pollution and the extinction of species and my general paranoia about it (we lost the blackbirds and sparrows 5 years or more ago, the cockney sparrows even). But I’ve got used to seeing a dozen or more pigeons on the rooftop opposite, seemingly smiling at me as if sharing a joke amongst themselves at my expense. But today there’s only one or two. Yesterday and the last few days, yes it was a heatwave and they might have been sheltering from the heat somewhere, but there were just a few pigeons.

This week we visited two restaurants and sat outside and where there are crumbs there are pigeons wobbling about under the seats, but both times not a single one even in a park. Is that strange or am I a paranoid like I said, seeing extinction everywhere. All I can say is pigeons come home now, a joke is a joke but this isn’t funny.

2 thoughts on “Pigeon Watch

  1. I do not know what’s the situation where you are, but most of the cities are trying really hard to limit the population of the city pigeons. They are messy, and they spread diseases. Many cities have ordinances not to feed the pigeons, not like they kill them, but they are trying to limit their reproduction. the moaning doves are better :)))


    • It’s pouring of rain, there are at least 50 bedraggled pigeons on the rooftop opposite, why don’t they sit in the trees where it’s sheltered. I know pigeons are universally disliked etc, just like every other animal really.


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