Poem Rap by Yolanda


Icy creeps,
pitch-black tears,
words that hurt,
you’re all fools.

Feelings that creep,
anxiety that strangles,
aggressions that get outlet,
relationships that take the edge off.

Nocturnal ghosts,
the danger around the bend,
the black hole of paranoia,
that’s more than you can tolerate.

The struggle for a life worth living,
even if
you are initially allowed to grope, the sun will one day shine through my
window and break this destructive pattern.

By Yolanda

This is a repost of Yolanda’s recording of her own poem. Please visit her blog to learn more.

Author: blackbird212012

I am interested in multimedia work: songwriting, art, and creative writing. I have been involved also in theatre and music performances.

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