Sunny Rainclouds

We’ve got
sunny rainclouds
in our hearts
Our hearts
are a cerulean blue
We’ve got
sunny rainclouds
in our hearts
Nothing we can do

You might need
a bit of rain
on a sunny day
You might need
the sun to shine
thru the rain

May I recommend to you
sunny rainclouds
sunny rainclouds
of cerulean blue

I met a shadow
In a corner
I said
Shadow, how are you
He said
That he has depression
He wants some sunny rain
In cerulean blue

I met
A ghost
In the desert
I said
How do you do?
He said
It’s too hot
Where he’s going
He wanted
Some sunny rainclouds
Of cerulean blue

sunny raincloud

for Katy Claire

Author: blackbird212012

I am interested in multimedia work: songwriting, art, and creative writing. I have been involved also in theatre and music performances.

8 thoughts on “Sunny Rainclouds”

    1. Thank you for that Zoe. I was inspired by another blog about Haiwian name clouds. In Hawaiian poetry mentions of rain or rains may signify joy, life, growth, greenery, love, good fortune etc.
      kili, much beloved rain; ko’iawe, light moving rain; ua nāulu, showery rain; ua lani pili, rain downpour; ua ho’okina, continuous rain; ua hikiki’i, slanting rain; ililani, unexpected rain; uakoko, rainbow-hued rain; Lēhei, leaping rain of upcountry Maui; kuāua hope, spring rain; ka ua ‘awa, grieving rain; ʻeleua, dark rain; kuāua, hopeful rain; ehu, fine spray rain; Lani-paʻina, crackling heavens rain; ʻUla-len; , invigorating, yellow & red rain of Maui; Mololani, well-kept rain of the Lehua flower & Ohia tree. This was from a blog called Katy Claire creative

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      1. oh wow! I am familiar, but just a little bit, with Hawaiian culture. but what you said sounds so nice. thanks for making my day better, really haha ^_^


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